Social Business

Encouraging employee and customer involvement at the heart of collective intelligence

Social networks are a phenomenon. They entered the enterprise with generation Y. They quickly established strong links between employees, as well as between the company and its customers to foster collaboration and promote value-creating collectives.

Social networks are not only a performance lever and a stimulator of innovation, but also a key vehicle for distributing the employer brand and creating company cohesion.

Sopra Steria designs and deploys corporate social networks in response to specific issues:

  • Internal communication: to inform and strengthen the sense of belonging to the company
  • Employee services: centralising the company's service offering to employees (Human Resources Directors HRD, ISD, Social Services, etc.)
  • Collaborative project management: managing complex projects involving many stakeholders spread across different sites, or mobilising external partners
  • Knowledge management: preserving corporate knowledge at a time when an ageing (and retiring) population is becoming a topical issue
  • Management of information capital: accessing and sharing unstructured information produced by the company and its stakeholders
  • Management of internal communities: fostering exchange and stimulating innovation within the company
  • Social business: organising exchanges with customers and partners to design and improve products and services.

We mobilise multidisciplinary teams with a vast array of expertise to help our clients optimise these networks: technologies, coordination of collaborative projects, innovation management, customer relations management, change management, etc.